Development, testing and release environment for virtual assistants

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Product consist

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Flexible interface customization, built-in hints when working with templates, sets of ready-made templates and dictionaries, training management and testing of virtual assistants

Dialog Language

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A specialized language for describing rules, analyzing a request, and generating a response. Designed to describe "atomic dialogues" (micro-dialogs). Allows you to describe numerous synonymous variants of the input cue and the rules for generating virtual assistant responses. Has a wide range of features (commands, operators, functions, use of variables, queries to external databases, etc.) Allows you to maintain a modular, library data structure.

Composition of SOVA IDE

Knowledge base

Stores information for preparing responses. The data comes here in the process of training and retraining of the virtual assistant.

Dialog Processor

Provides fuzzy search using search indexes pre-formed for the current Knowledge Base of the system.

Team Development

Allows multiple users to develop an intelligent virtual assistant at the same time.

Advantages of SOVA IDE

High accuracy of the answer and high speed of its issuance. The presence of hints and auto-marking. Using context in responses. Possibility of independent editing, use of ready-made templates and sets. Working with big data Ability to test before release.

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