SOVA Mobile

The SOVA mobile app is a virtual assistant on your phone. Download the source code to develop your application in our repository on GitHub or take a ready-made application and use it to work

Illustration for dataset page - SOVA.AIIllustration for dataset page - SOVA.AI

SOVA Mobile features


Sending and receiving text messages from a virtual assistant

Speech recognition

Recording and recognition of audio messages with SOVA ASR

Speech synthesis

Replaying responses with built-in SOVA TTS


Connecting multiple virtual assistants at the same time


Storing the history of correspondence with the user


Open source code for customization or use in your own application

How it works

How it works

In the application, you can connect a virtual assistant created in SOVA IDE and communicate with him in Russian. It allows you to send both text and voice and messages to virtual assistants



The SOVA mobile application is written for both iOS and Android. Required Android 6.0 and above. Requires iOS 13.0 and above. Requires macOS 11.0 or above and a Mac with an Apple M1 chip.


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SOVA mobile

Chat with your virtual assistant in SOVA Mobile or develop your own application based on the source code.