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SOVA Dialog Operating System

Create and train your own virtual assistants and chatbots for any purpose. Connect them to text and voice channels.

SOVA Chat Kit

Create Chat Widget and connect it to any backend like virtual assistant, Live Chat or messenger.

SOVA Mobile Application

Connect virtual assistant created in SOVA to a ready for use iOS and Android mobile app, or use its source code to create your own app.

SOVA Dataset

Use our open dataset which contains 30 000 hours of qualitatively labeled audio samples to train your neural networks.


Use speech recognition system (ASR) to extract and translate speech into text, and speech synthesizer (TTS) to translate text into audio.


Build neural networks using the PuzzleLib library that supports CPU (Intel/AMD) and GPU (NVIDIA/AMD) computing.

SOVA Developer Kit

Build your own smart device and connect it with virtual assistant created in SOVA.

SOVA Store

Use ready-made skills and integrations for a virtual assistant. Place your own modules and earn money.