All in one place

At SOVA, we collected all the products and technologies necessary to create virtual assistants in one place. You no longer need to work with several vendors and look for a solution that will solve all the tasks assigned to the virtual assistant at once. Our products enable the maximum customization of the solution, which is ideal for both personal and commercial use.

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Perfect for everyone

The virtual assistant created in SOVA will become your friend, companion, colleague and reliable performer. We laid the foundation of the project with all our 16 years of experience and boundless enthusiasm for technologies that make live communication with various systems, devices, household appliances, anything possible!

Back in 1998, our first chatbot talked about elephants, and we enjoyed it like children. But today we work with a business where tens of millions of people communicate with our virtual assistants! Would you like to also? You know what to do 😉

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Open Source

We are enthusiasts. We love our work very much and want our products to be used by millions of people around the world. That is why SOVA is an Open Source project, which allows us to combine the efforts of developers around the globe and develop the project and its components together.

Open Source allows us to easily adapt to changes in the technology market: we don’t have our hands tied like many proprietary software that have to adapt to new conditions. Private software is considered less secure than Open Source, especially if it is used for corporate purposes. And what is even more attractive for business is that Open Source software is often free and allows you to minimize the cost of solving complex problems.

Runs anywhere

SOVA products are lightweight and optimized to run on any device, even a weak one, whether it's a laptop, smart speaker, or home appliance. There are no dependencies in our products, so they can run smoothly offline, and you don’t have to worry about the security of your personal data or the data of your customers. All products can also be easily launched in any cloud providers (Azure, AWS, Mail Cloud System) or locally on Linux, iOS, Windows using Docker image.

Community Illustration for why SOVA page - SOVA.AI